What is the ANCHOR Method? ‘O’ is for Organize

Throughout my professional life as an investor in startups, I’ve seen the incredible value of an effective board of directors.

A strong board will truly bring your business to new levels, especially when it is composed of a diverse group of people from varying backgrounds, industries and perspectives.

In my book Build Your Board, Build Your Business, I teach the ANCHOR method, which you can use as a resource to develop a board strategy that will indeed build your business from the ground up.

Why O is for Organize

The fifth letter in ANCHOR stands for Organize. This is a valuable step in the business building process, and it’s essential to consistently stay organized once your business has been built.

To review, you’ve spent time Assessing your identity in leadership, Networking to establish your board of directors, Communicating with your team to stay prepared, and Honoring your legal duties to keep your business protected.

Now, it’s time to focus on improving your CEO organizational skills.

Watch me speak more about this:

This part in ANCHOR is all about understanding the value of staying organized as a CEO. Not every human being is naturally gifted with organizational skills, yet all businesses thrive when every “I” is dotted, and every “T” is crossed. It all comes down to organization.

Maintaining a distinct sense of order in your project management will bring a sense of clarity and peace to your business like no other. It provides direction for your team, boundaries within which to operate, and it will also provide accountability when you are running against a deadline.

Showing up prepared for board meetings, supplier negotiations, and team check-ins will bring an essential value to your business. If you’re not the best at achieving that level of organization, then I recommend hiring someone who is.

A right-hand, highly-organized person may not be able to do everything for you, but they can alleviate much stress and dysfunctionality from your plate. Placing a high priority on this will increase the value of your organization, and will improve the dynamic between you and your board immensely.

I consider myself an organized person in most aspects of my life; however, throughout my career, I’ve hired many organizationally-gifted people to help me, and I will continue to do so. I love to hire them because they are dedicated and will not stop until every item has been completely checked-off the list, and that holds immeasurable value to me.

In Build Your Board, Build Your Business you’ll find assessments and resources that you can begin using to improve organization, thus continuing to build an effective business and board.

Learn more and get your copy of Build Your Board, Build Your Business here — start communicating with your board!



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