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3 min readDec 13, 2022


Meet our New Ecosystem Members: Lessonbee, Supply Change Capital, and RH Capital

We’re celebrating our inaugural year at The Impact Seat Foundation, and we’re so thrilled to see our Full Stack Philanthropy in action!

Our raison d’être is to create a world in which women leaders in business are funded and uplifted. To do so, we provide support to all facets of the venture capital landscape through our holistic model of Full Stack Philanthropy. When we developed the Full Stack Philanthropy model, our goal was to maximize growth by combining impact investing, grantmaking, and advocacy to deliver the greatest impact to our cause.

How We Use Our Portfolio To Proliferate Change

Every time a new portfolio company joins The Impact Seat Foundation via a generous donation of shares from our founder, Barbara Clarke, 100% of all its generated revenue goes right back into our ecosystem. This helps us fund the grants, donations, resources, and programming we build to support women in business.

We initially launched with 17 incredible women-founded companies in our portfolio, and we’re excited to say that we’re welcoming three more!

Meet them below!


Lessonbee is transforming education in classrooms and homes across the country. Founder and CEO Reva McPollom started Lessonbee with a mission to change the way we educate our kids — prioritizing social and emotional learning through health education and well-being first and foremost. Teachers, parents, and even healthcare professionals are involved every step of the way of Lessonbee’s curriculum. The next generation deserves improved health education, new lesson material, and educators who are equipped to meet students where they are in their education journey. They are currently crowdfunding for their curriculum and upcoming projects; learn more here.

Supply Change Capital

Supply Change Capital, founded by Shayna Harris and Noramay Cadena, is investing with the changing climate in mind. Growing populations, a warming climate, and changing needs mean we need systems that will feed people and do so efficiently. From food and beverage to business management and content creation, Supply Change Capital prioritizes investing with a lens for climate change and culture — in a future for the planet and its people.

RH Capital

RH Capital, a Rhia Ventures fund, invests in early-stage high-impact companies that are driving innovation, access, and equity across the reproductive and maternal health landscape while delivering strong financial returns to investors. Rhia Ventures’s CEO Erika Seth Davies, and RH Capital GMs Elizabeth Bailey and Stasia Obremskey are working to ensure equity across the board in U.S healthcare.

We’re thrilled to welcome Lessonbee, Supply Change Capital, and RH Capital to our ecosystem.

“Lessonbee, Supply Change Capital, and RH Capital are amazing examples of our thesis, which is to invest in the women of color who are solving big problems in the world,” our CEO, Cheryl Contee, shares.

These companies are leading the way and pioneering some of the causes closest to our mission, and we’re excited to see all they do.

We’re so thankful for our partners, portfolio founders, and supporters for helping us build an ecosystem where women business leaders succeed!



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