Alydia Health Acquired By Organon (a Merck Pharmaceutical spinoff) for $240MM

At The Impact Seat, we invest in the power of women. Although healthcare attracts significant investment, women’s healthcare specifically is underfunded on a global scale despite serving half of the world’s population. This worldwide disparity has resulted in a lack of innovation within the healthcare sector.

In 2018 we met Alydia Health’s founder Jess Becker and CEO Anne Morrissey. Alydia Health developed a revolutionary device to stop postpartum hemorrhaging. We knew their device was a groundbreaking innovation in maternal health, and we believed their team would be the right group to take this product through FDA approval and to market. After four years of hard work, we are heartened to announce that Alydia Health has been acquired by Organon (a spinoff of pharmaceutical giant Merck) for $240MM.

This acquisition will impact the lives of pregnant people around the world and will provide equitable access to lifesaving medical devices. The success of Alydia represents our portfolio’s commitment to investing in women’s health. The Impact Seat is continuing to lead the charge for women’s health through investments in our startup economy and our political advocacy.

Our efforts press on with our financial support for key members of the Congressional Black Maternal Health Caucus including Rep. Lauren Underwood, Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Rep. Barbara Lee, and the recent unveiling of the visionary Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021.

Members of The Black Maternal Health Caucus

Our portfolio includes a strong focus on innovative women’s health startups such as Madorra, Prime Genomics and Maven Clinic, and we make a point to only invest in funds who share our values in championing women’s health such as RHIA Ventures, Avestria Ventures, Portfolia’s FemTech Fund.

We know that the potential for success in the maternal and women’s health sectors is exponential, and Alydia’s acquisition is a much needed catalyst towards a better future. Stay tuned for more on this critical initiative.




Build diverse, innovative teams that deliver better results. Make an impact.

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The Impact Seat

The Impact Seat

Build diverse, innovative teams that deliver better results. Make an impact.

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